Hello from Pan & Cake!

Pan and Cake is dedicated to making your event something your guests will talk about long after the last course is over. We believe that the secret to great food starts with great ingredients. We use only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients and create each menu 100% customized to your taste, paying close attention to every detail. Check out our Menu page for inspiration, and then let your imagination run wild. 

Josie Patterson

Pan, Executive Chef

Being in a kitchen has always been a passion to me. The thought of going in and putting the best ingredients together to make a dish gives me the most excitement. Growing up around food and my family always being in the kitchen is what has driven me to push myself and cook the best food I possibly can. I graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa and moved on to work for Disney, which was an amazing opportunity! My all time favorite food to make is Macaroni and Cheese- it will surely put a smile on everyone's face! I cannot wait to share all the special moments with the people that we come in contact with!

Shawnae Cook

Cake, Owner, Operations Manager

Growing up, an important mentor gave me really great advice - Figure out what you love, and then find a way to make a living doing it. I decided that I love eating cake. I discovered my passion for culinary in college while working as a chocolatier for a bean-to-bar chocolate company. The world of pastries and confections immediately stole my heart and I never looked back.

Tiffaney Day

Pastry Chef

Food has always been something I equated with love. There is no greater feeling than to see someone thoroughly enjoying something I’ve prepared. I love baking of all sorts, from the simple and homey, to the elegant and refined. I believe there is a time and place for each and every thing to have it’s day to shine. It’s a passion for me that I am beyond grateful that I get to do for a living.